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This category covers Geek and Nerd culture in a general sense… so like non-Pokémon related titles as well as generic umbrella subcategories which may also cover Pokémon.

Old new fakes, next time!

Aaah! has always been about the fakes. I’ve built my reputation on providing the most authentic fakes on the internet!…at least, back when I had a reputation to build. Anyways, after poking through some old pictures, I thought I’d take some time to help take our minds off the Election for a bit (especially for […]

Probably. It should be working now. Maybe.

YAY! If you’re reading this, that means you’re not illiterate! It also means that you might be interested in seeing your’s truly stream video games. First off, let’s take care of the formalities; wanna see me stream my video gaming prowess? Check out my Twitch account! OK so now with that out of the […]

One Weekend, One Hundred Points ... er... uh, divide the points by two.

Every so often, Tetris 99 for the Nintendo Switch holds a “Maximus Cup” event. Sometimes you can win money if you rank high enough, but most of the time you can earn a gameplay theme based on another game that’s being promoted. And so the prize for this 17th Maximus Cup will be the latter: […]

I need you to write this down for me. Are you ready?

This is just a quick post, but part of it is to make sure I hold myself to this. Anyways, in the upcoming days, I’d like to cover these topics in full: Pokémon in Tetris 99? Sweet! (Done) Between 10/16 and 10/19, you can unlock Sword/Shield related themes and other bits and bobs. Also share […]

More funny youtubes

Here’s just a quick video I made of my brother playing Call of Duty Mobile and getting a few good shots in on people who aren’t paying much attention. Enjoy!