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Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% posting your ideas online before you actually do anything productive with it

I want the whole Space World Fake Card Block project to be a celebration of the obscure and unique , which is one reason why I’m including all these non-existent in the project. But what I’d also like to do is include other unique forms of existing . For example, I discovered @LegacyPsk9999 over at […]

Oooh this is pretty sweet! Over on Twitter there’s an awesome artist named @SoulSilverArt who tweeted some awesome sketches of some of the “new”er, well, newly revealedprototype . Take a gander! Super cool! Plus like, since these are such unusual or otherwise unknown Pokémon, fan art of them are super rare. So its great just […]

Wow OK, thanks to the help of long time PA! Nickling, Sylvie Wolf, I was able to clean up the Lost Pokémon page, make it a bit more organized and efficient, and a bunch of other stuff. I still have more basic information to add to the list… like names and types, etc… but that […]

While I’m still sorting out the actual contents of the sets for my Space World Fake Card series, I did at least work out the name and themes for the sets. In particular, I’m going to emulate the style of how the TCG currently runs its blocks, by giving the set a prefix (like ADV/EX, […]

Check it! Not in the Beastie Boy’s way but more like the curious bystander way… but with all this talk of new being leaked and whatnot, and because I’m trying to make a fake card set of all these new Beta , I thought it would be a great idea to actually collect as much […]