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Trainer Reducks Doo, Electric Boogaloo

Ok, this is just a quicky update for today, but I spent some time to redo the Trainers for my Neo Redux-style blanks. Take a look! The one major thing I did was move the type of the Trainer card—whether Item, Supporter or Stadium—from the bottom to the top. You can see what I previously […]

Oh boy! This one took me a bit of extra time, because I actually worked out a way to get even higher quality scans, even if it meant putting in a little extra work to get them made. It was totally worth it in the end, because the blanks came out even cleaner than I […]

I'm on a roll! And these guys are on a boat! But yeah, I just finished work on the Dragon Neo blanks, which I actually thought would take a lot more time than it actually did. Still, I don't have the energy to try to make another one of these right now. Anyways, take a […]

Hey! So I've been working hard on trying to catch upon on work I've been needing to do for the site... such as writing the script for the long-mentioned-yet-still-not-released YouTube videos on the Galarian Language... but another thing I've been putting on the back burner needlessly was working on my Updated Neo Blanks. So far […]

OK, another little mid-night update because I can't just let stuff go without it being slightly more perfect... (and I only just noticed that the evolution icon BG is slightly lower! BQAHAHASH) ... but I'll try to do something more fun for you later today. But for now, take a look at the new Grass […]