Today's episode: 'Chapter 11 — Spaceballs the Tagline'

Oh boy! Well, while I’ve been taking care of real life stuff and Marvin has been complaining about it, ElementsnStuff over at the PA! Discord has been filling in some gaps in the various languages of Pokémon, namely Lentalian and Sinnohese, as seen in their respective and upcoming Pokémon video games for Nintendo Switch, New […]

Some interesting tidbits today!

OK so recently after a visit to Target, I discovered three things: Participating places permit Pokémon product purchases per person to precisely phree three… PERFECTOMUNDO! I saw that the Pokémon Cereal by General Mills doesn’t seem to be part of the Pokémon 25 promotion I finally figured out where the Oversized Pikachu card will appear […]

Nothing like a job well done! Unless it's a steak, then it's better a job medium rare.

YES! Today I’ve got some Pokémon 25 Tidbits for you… namely in the “Food-related Promotions” Department. Specifically, I’ve completed the McDonald’s Promo page as well as given the General Mills Promo page a good update. Good times. … So, first off: McDonald’s. As previously mentioned, this would be my LAST McDonald’s post, only because I’ve […]

Penultimate means 'second to the last'; I'm so nice that I don't like being patronizing to people! (Patronizing means 'talking down to others')

Sorry for not updating the past week, but… actually, I HAVE been updating a lot! Actually, it’s been all “behind the scenes” stuff, but don’t worry, I’m here to help bring you up to speed.   The “Et Cetera” Part This is gonna be just a quick notice, but while unpacking some of my stuff […]

Total CBA post

Not gonna spend a lot of time on this post, but I just wanted to talk about some minor updates to the site: First off, I reorganized the sidebar links a bit. Specifically, I created a new section—Chronicle Report—and moved pages from “Research & Theory” to it. The idea is that the “Chronicle Report” section […]