You can't spell 'Kadabra' without 'Dab'

And I'm still weir!.....d.

Just a quick notice that I’m still alive… we only just moved to our new house last Friday, and have been spending the last few days unpacking. But compounding matters is that we won’t have proper internet until December 11th, meaning updates may be sparingly posted until then. Just a fair warning! In the mean […]

And now, our featured presentation.

Ever since practically the beginning of Pokémon Aaah!, this site has been about making the best TCG fake cards. Sure other sites have come and gone in our time, but that never changed our focus. That said, I’m eternally grateful that other people have been able to take up the mantle of providing the best […]

AI may be useful, but there's nothing like having a person behind every automated decision

AARGH, PA!’s Facebook page was unpublished AGAIN by Facebook’s automatic thingy. BUT, at least this time it’s slightly different. The thing is, Facebook clearly made an update to its system of how to appeal an unpublished page. Previously it was just “sorry” and that was it. At least now there is an “Appeal” button AND […]

Aw man this is getting annoying...

Third time’s the charm! Facebook removed the Aaah! page…. AGAIN! But at least this time there is an actual “Appeal” button next to the “Publish Page” section, which didn’t exist before. That’s awfully nice of them! Still, I have zero hope that someone will actually get back to me to tell me what happened and […]