One Weekend, One Hundred Points ... er... uh, divide the points by two.

Every so often, Tetris 99 for the Nintendo Switch holds a “Maximus Cup” event. Sometimes you can win money if you rank high enough, but most of the time you can earn a gameplay theme based on another game that’s being promoted. And so the prize for this 17th Maximus Cup will be the latter: […]

I need you to write this down for me. Are you ready?

This is just a quick post, but part of it is to make sure I hold myself to this. Anyways, in the upcoming days, I’d like to cover these topics in full: Pokémon in Tetris 99? Sweet! (Done) Between 10/16 and 10/19, you can unlock Sword/Shield related themes and other bits and bobs. Also share […]

“Aaaahhh, THERE'S muh pixels!” — My Life In Gaming, c.2010s

OK, I’m gonna keep this quick and simple. For a while now, the Gold/Silver Lost Pokémon page used some simple versions of the sprite image files, and because of which, it didn’t really look nice when rendered on the site. Also, since the images themselves varied in size, and I posted them on the site […]

Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% posting your ideas online before you actually do anything productive with it

I want the whole Space World Fake Card Block project to be a celebration of the obscure and unique , which is one reason why I’m including all these non-existent in the project. But what I’d also like to do is include other unique forms of existing . For example, I discovered @LegacyPsk9999 over at […]