This is just a quick post, but part of it is to make sure I hold myself to this.

Anyways, in the upcoming days, I'd like to cover these topics in full:

  • Pokémon in Tetris 99? Sweet! (Done)
    • Between 10/16 and 10/19, you can unlock Pokémon Sword/Shield related themes and other bits and bobs.
    • Also share some hot win videos.
  • What is going on with Magic: the Gathering lately?
    • Wizards' banning cards due to sensitivity issues
    • Recent The Walking Dead black-bordered additions
  • Star Trek has been warp speeding to various places... maybe good, maybe bad?
    • How Discovery and Picard has changed Trek, maybe for good, maybe for worse
    • Economics of keeping or replacing existing fans
    • How YouTubers like Steve Shrives and Doomcock represent two seemingly irreconcilable sides with a vested interest to continue to represent their side, versus trying to understand each other
  • Call of Duty Gunsmithing Calculations
    • Last season's Gunsmithing feature changes how firearms function
    • How to mathematically determine the best firearm
  • Post all of my fake cards that I've made
    • Specifically the ones I made during the 2005-2019 downtime
    • As well as ones I made before I actually knew it as "faking", like the Star Wars CCG cards I made in friggin' ClarisWorks!
    • Maybe I'll even share other fan gaming stuff I made when I was a kid
  • A discussion about the words "nerd" and "geek"
    • Defining them for certain, compare/contrast
    • Discuss other similar terms like "dork", "dweeb", etc
  • Did I tell you I was moving?
    • Did I? Well it's now in its final stages.
  • The first actual PA! YouTube episode (at least before I move)
    • Given that I have between 40 and 65 days left at my old house, I'd like to get at least one episode in at my current podcasting set before I have to take it down.
  • Muh birthday is coming!
    • Yay the big three eight!
  • The Metric System: why the world is needlessly (nay, hypocritically) dumping on the Americans
    • This will also cover why the DMY dating system is also the worst

That's right, we got some real hard hitting journalism here at Pokémon Aaah!. Can I get a "huzzah"?

Seriously though, I've had a lot of stuff on my mind about geek culture matters lately, and even though PA! is supposed to be about Pokémon, I figure that my audience is into other things from geek culture as well, and thus would be open to reading my thoughts on those.

Anyways, hopefully I can get this stuff out over the next week. Sound good?