JKRL V345 GKHLKJS ... that will make more sense when you actually install the font. Er, well, once I release it that is.

Ok so while I’m still in the process of moving, there’s really not much I can actually do in between packing and falling asleep after packing, except for making general “Coming Attractions!” posts. So this is one of those kinds of posts. Specifically, this “Type Icons” font pack is a project I had started some […]

Probably. It should be working now. Maybe.

YAY! If you’re reading this, that means you’re not illiterate! It also means that you might be interested in seeing your’s truly stream video games. First off, let’s take care of the formalities; wanna see me stream my video gaming prowess? Check out my Twitch account! https://www.twitch.tv/nickfifteen OK so now with that out of the […]

I did it just for YOU. Well, "you" collectively, not "you" personally. Because that would be too weird.

So with the release of the “The Crown Tundra” DLC pack for Sword/Shield two days back, I’ve been carefully pouring over all of the new stuff that was released in it. And by “carefully pouring over”, I mean “hastily playing catch-up because I only just downloaded the DLC after forgetting all about it for two […]

I no longer have to pay a fee! (To sing this song, that is.)

Happy Birthday to Me! Happy Birthday to Me! Happy Birthday Dear… Me… Happy Birthday to Me!Tee hee! Yes, today it’s my birthday. I am finally 38! Now I can vote and legally buy cigarettes! … Well, I mean, I could ALWAYS do that, at least since turning 18 about four… five-ish years ago. Yep, the […]

Little joke

This is just a little update to let you know that I’ve updated the Lost page to fix basically the rest of the remaining mis-sized sprites. While I was there, I also did a little under-the-hood tweaks, namely setting the title bars for the Lost page, as well as plenty of other pages, so that […]