Things may change, but this text won't.

I’m sharing this post because it involved PA! in a way, and so it’s my way of staying focused and trying to keep PA! in focus. And so you guys know where I’m at so it doesn’t look like I’ve wandered off again. Clean out Room #2 Move PS4, computers, scanner, etc, from Room #1 […]

But at least I approved the comment backlog!

Waaahhh! I feel so bad that I finally get this site up and running and with specific goals in mind to fulfill… and then basically all-of-a-sudden I have to move! And it’s not like its just a one-and-done deal, but rather one where I’m helping my parents with not just the move in-and-of-itself, but also […]

So you can stop poking me with that stick, thanks.

I swear, I’m still quite alive!! Long story short tho, I’m gonna be moving to Sacramento from San Francisco. Wow! … well, more technically, I’ll be moving to some suburb of Sac from where I live now: a suburb of SF. Now I’ll give you the fuller details of why I’m moving later… but I […]