Reports suggest: 'yes, that is a question'.

I think Pokémon GO skews numbers slightly (albeit for the better). OK so just as a quick reminder, each Pokémon in Pokémon GO has three stats—Attack, Defense and HP—and those stats are given some degree of variability through the use of IVs, which are numbered between 0 and 15, and therefore will total some value […]

Trainer Reducks Doo, Electric Boogaloo

Ok, this is just a quicky update for today, but I spent some time to redo the Trainers for my Neo Redux-style blanks. Take a look! The one major thing I did was move the type of the Trainer card—whether Item, Supporter or Stadium—from the bottom to the top. You can see what I previously […]

Forward into the past!

So round about 20 years ago, the Pokémon TCGas run by Wizards of the Coast (WOTC)had its very first sanctioned top level event ever: the “Super Trainer Showdown” (technically the “West Coast Super Trainer Showdown”) on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California, USA. The STS would effectively count at the first “Worlds” event for […]

And it's just super adorable!

Oh man, a couple days back this super cute Pokémon cartoonyes, a cartoonwas posted on an (un?)official Japanese Pokémon YouTube channel, called “Scraggy & Mimikyu”. It was made to emulate the old skool Disney and Warner Bros cartoons from the 30s and 40s, and it’s got the style down to a T! Check it out […]

This is one hell of a blast from the past!

Ooh! Lookey what I found…! While working on cleaning my room out to turn it into a mini video studio, I found these old relics from the past. Namely the guest baggies I got from both the 2000 West Coast Super Trainer Showdown on the Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA, and the 2000 Mall Tour […]

Don't hate me because my code is so beautiful. Also tabs > spaces.

Okey dokey! It didn’t take me too long to finagle some code together, but this is the first iteration (of many to come) of the ” GO Stat Calculator Utility”! Check it out below, it’s ready to go! (Hey, I’m a poet and wasn’t aware!) Oops! For some reason you’re using a twenty year old […]

Find out if your Pokémon can rule them all, or if it's better off living on the Professor's ranch upstate.

So I just added a new “Pokémon GO Stats” page under the Research section, this one concerns itself about how your Pokémon’s stats in Pokémon GO is calculated. Wanna know more? Keep reading!     In Pokémon GO, each Pokémon can be appraised by your Team Leader. In the past they would give you some […]

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Green Screen Almost Finished!

Super green, number one! (Read on Instagram)

Earlier today my Dad and I worked on framing and painting the chroma key (green screen) boards which I’ll be using for the YouTube series. Take a look! The challenge in all this wasn’t necessarily finding the right paint (which ended up being a Disney-branded color “Gamma Sector Green”, if you could believe it)… rather, […]