How else will people know what region you came from?

So one of my favorite things to work on is worldbuilding. But just as much as I love writing up the actual stories of those worlds, I also enjoy creating the more “mundane” aspects of it… like flags and license plates and whatnot. Some time ago I shared my idea of what each region’s flags […]

And by returns, I mean... I made another one.

Apparently back in May or something, Facebook unpublished my PA! Facebook page for some reason, claiming I was impersonating someone or some such. Clearly this was an automated error, but Facebook—for some reason—doesn’t have a way to directly talk to an actual human being in order actually resolve this error. In any case, I thought […]

I'm coo-coo for coostatistics!

OK, just a minor little update on Pokémon GO’s IV stats. I’ve added maybe 45 new entries, and it’s continuing to confirm the idea that the IVs are skewed towards better stats. Below is the graph and my data. That said, I’ve added a new column to the data; previously I left out “specialty Pokémon”, […]

Two great tastes that taste great together!

I started playing both the Pokémon TCG and its big brother card game, Magic the Gathering, back in high school… in fact, Magic is what got me into Pokémon, period. And ever since I played the two games, I’ve become fascinated with the ways the two games cross over with one another. I mean, aside […]

Numbers numbers who's got the numbers?

Alright so, after catching some more Pokémon in Pokémon GO, I restarted my data collection to see if my original IV data was skewed to show a greater bias towards higher IVs, or if the in-game IV randomizer was what was doing it. As a reminder, I noticed that in Pokémon GO, the IVs that […]