While I’m still sorting out the actual contents of the sets for my Space World Fake Card series, I did at least work out the name and themes for the sets. In particular, I’m going to emulate the style of how the TCG currently runs its blocks, by giving the set a prefix (like ADV/EX, […]

Check it! Not in the Beastie Boy’s way but more like the curious bystander way… but with all this talk of new being leaked and whatnot, and because I’m trying to make a fake card set of all these new Beta , I thought it would be a great idea to actually collect as much […]

Psssh, oh man, there’s just so much going on here, I don’t even know what’s going on… yet! But I’ll stick with the quickness. As you know, I’ve been planning to make a fake card set out of the Gold/Silver Space World ’97 ROM that was released a couple years back. And THEN I recently […]

Oh boy! This one took me a bit of extra time, because I actually worked out a way to get even higher quality scans, even if it meant putting in a little extra work to get them made. It was totally worth it in the end, because the blanks came out even cleaner than I […]

OK so, I’ve got a ton of stuff that I need to unpack about being able to see every single piece of Galarian text in the game via their ripped texture graphics (at least once I can find them)… but I’ve already got a ton worth sharing right now. This will also push my video […]