OK so here’s a bit more info I’ve worked out about the Galarian alphabet (aka Galar Alphabet, Galar Region Language, Galarian Language, etc) First off, here are the characters, in no particular order. They are, however, split between what I guess are the “upper-case” characters and those which are “lower-case”. The “lower-case” characters, in turn, […]

Howdy, y’all… just popping by to share a few new observations with youse guys. I’ve detected 39 unique characters in the Galarian alphabet. However… Apparently some of these characters are used only with one another, and not around others. I therefore suspect that they are intended to be “lower case” characters of other characters. A […]

AAAAAHHHHHHHH AAAHH!!!!! OOOK OK calm down. Ok so get this. Nick15 NickIS (15 looks like IS) Nickis Nickit (T comes after S) OH! OR HOW ABOUT Nickit NickIT Nick17 (T looks like 7) Nick15 (15 is close to 17) AAAAHHH THIS IS LIKE THIS MOST OFFICIAL POKEMON TO MY NAME I DON’T CARE IF IT’S A […]

This is just a quick notice that I’ve set up a repository page for everything I can work out about the Galarian alphabet (and possible language) over in the sidebar. You can also check it out here. It’s a bit bare bones, but I do share my THREE HYPOTHESIS (hypothesises? hypothesi?) on what the Galarian […]

Oh man. OK so apparently there’s some serious controversy about SWSD being rushed and not optimized properly. I’ve got a few things to say about that, but I’ll share that later when I’ve gathered my thoughts about this some more. Another thing I’d like to cover is the Galar alphabet, which I find super interesting… […]