You know me, Pokémon Hoax Master, and today I reveal something I’ve kept a secret for a while now… *I’M* the one who made all those asshole Professor Oak “Poké Tips” you might have seen on the internet. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Here, let me refresh your memory: (A few more can be […]

Hey you! Got a Facebook account? Of course you do. In that case, please join the official Pokémon Aaah! Facebook page: There I plan on maybe posting some old pictures and share some memories, and it’ll be a fun place for everyone to talk about old memories, but also make new memories. Especially since […]

Thought I’d share some thoughts on what I wanna do with this site. 1) I still want to make fake cards. But there’s just SO MANY blank designs out there! Frankly, I’m not gonna bother doing EVERYTHING EVER MADE, because that’s pointless. I’m even less inclined to make BWXY blanks, simply because they’re going to […]