OK, I think I’ve just about done everything I feel I need to do for this site! More importantly, I’ve done everything so that I DON’T have to do anything else for a LONG while and I can get to doing OTHER things now. (Obsessive-Compulsiveness is a real pain in the ass…) Anyways, as you […]

As some of you MAY have noticed, I’ve fnally gotten around to getting PA! in shape. In fact, it’s just about ready to go; I have just a few little tweeks left to do–such as adding a “racing stripe” to each post’s title bar, as well as editing the “Single Post” design to make it […]

If you’re seeing this, then you know that PA! is slowly being rebooted. I don’t want it to be like what it used to be–where it dominated every aspect of my life and it was my number one project. Instead, I want it to just be something I can update whenever I feel like with […]