• Just a friendly reminder that updates will be a bit spotty until maybe June, as I’m taking an online certification course on Unity 3D, to help me shore up the 3D-CGI experience I originally taught myself back in the day. Wish me luck!
  • PA! just celebrated it’s 22nd birthday on April 10th, 2021! Huzzah, good times!!
  • Be sure to check out the Pokémon Aaah! Discord Server, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts!


  • Did you check out the Flipside Book 11 Kickstarter from our friends over at… uh… Flipside Comics?
  • If you want some cool t-shirts and other pop culture merch, check out the online store of former PA! all-star Savage Sparrow (aka NeoQueenJen, aka TRCassidy)
  • I set up a Cytube account where we can collectively watch movies on weekends or something. There’s already a playlist up just to have something running in the background, but on scheduled days I can have Pokémon movies running and we can have a good giggle by riffing it or something.