(This is just a category header, so there's not much to see here. That said...)

The "Artsy Fartsy Stuff" section is for all the little art projects that we're working on here at Pokémon Aaah!. In particular, these projects involve Pokémon in a broad sense, but has nothing to do with any single game specifically. So here you'll read some stories we've written, or share random theories about the Pokémon world, or find some of the really cool Pokémon TCG fake cards we've done.

If you want to learn a bit more about each link in this section:

  • AdventureBattleMon (webcomic) — this is going to be a Pokémon parody/homage webcomic series that I'm going to work on, which mixes the cast of characters from my previous webcomic, Moose River, and the world of "Pokémon USA"... albeit remade into the totally-unrelated-to-and-legally-distinct-from-Pokémon world of "AdventureBattleMon".
    • Technically it won't be the actual "Pokémon USA" world that I worked on with Terry Tibke and his brother Brian, but one based on that with some added changes to it as well.
  • Primitto Theory — A sprawling wall of text which supposes the theory that all Pokémon evolved from a "prime Ditto"—a Primitto, as it were—which had the ability to "lock" into whatever form it changed into. I'd like to expand upon this some more later.
  • Pokémon GS Beta "Space World '97" Fake Cards — my latest Fake Card set based on the unused Beta Pokemon and designs for existing Pokémon from the 1997 Space World Demo for Gold/Silver... one which I hope actually gets me back on the map of Pokémon TCG fake card making. I have big plans for it.

More artsy fartsy stuff is coming your way, so stay tuned!