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Oh man, I’ve been working on I haven’t had this much fun working on Pokémon TCG fake cards and blanks in a LOOONNNG time. At least not since I made those special Worlds 2010 Promo fakes which my friend Eskil (aka TEGO) helped me translate into Japanese, and also surprised everyone!

…or the Worlds 2011 Promos (aka my Secret Shame)

I mean, c’mon, this was before the whole Brony thing took off! I thought My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic thing was just an inside joke on 4chan and I was doing it for the meme value! How was I supposed to know that it would be what it became a couple years down the road??Plus, I got Mr. Chris Silver to hand them out for me… but the whole situation was a shitshow on my part because apparently no one wanted them… and I feel even worse because Chris was willing to put up with me and my request late into the night after he got off work, but then at FanimeCon once when him and his girlfriend was selling customized placemats, I feel like I had an opporunity to return the favor, but I kinda shined them on and didn’t buy anything. (ㅠㅅㅠ)

Anyways… I’ve been doing a lot of work on the new GS Blanks for the Space World ’97 set, and here’s where I am now. I’ll try to keep things quick, but you know me…

The updates to the set are just too much to fit on the front page!

I’m on a roll! And these guys are on a boat!

But yeah, I just finished work on the Dragon Neo blanks, which I actually thought would take a lot more time than it actually did. Still, I don’t have the energy to try to make another one of these right now. Anyways, take a look!


Dragon Blanks


It’s kinda neat to see these new types in an older TCG format like this. It’s kinda surreal, but I guess that’s kinda the point.

Incidentally, this is actually the SECOND set of Dragon-type blanks I’ve officially made. Of course the first set of Dragon blanks—see below—were the ones I made back in the early-2000’s, before they were even a thing in the TCG.


Original Dragon Blanks


Looking back on the color for the blank used, I guess the idea was a mix between the Colorless-type blanks which most Dragons were at the time, plus a tint of blue… because apparently blue is the color of Dragons.

Speaking of the color of types, I made another little update to the ColorDex. I just can’t stop adding stuff to it! This time I’ve added type colors from Pokémon Rumble and the 3DS eShop’s Pokédex 3D app, as well as type colors from three official Pokémon websites (North America, Korea and China). There are other little updates included as well, so poke around and check it out!

OH, I did also add this handy little chart which explains what single color represents each type the most, the hex code for those colors, and a gradient showing the overall range of colors that type actually covers. You should check out the actual ColorDex page for the details… a sneak preview of the update is posted below; in this list, I explain what colors which best represent each Pokémon type—covering both a range of colors as well as the one, single, average color. Enjoy!


:SXB Bug #94bc4a — 081H 61S 74B Bugs reflect a mix of the green of the plant-life that you find insects more often in, but with a tinge of red to represent the blood of animal-life.
:SXD Dark #736c75 — 287H 08S 46B Dark is dark. Incidentally it seems to be an inversion of the Normal-type.
:SXN Dragon #6a7baf — 225H 39S 69B Dragon has had so many different colors associated with it over the years, but indigo seems to be the one that is most associated with it. Though it might be more accurate to consider it “azure”, as that is the color that is most associated with dragons in Asia.
:SXL Electric #e5c531 — 049H 79S 90B Yellow is the most obvious choice for electricity.
:SXY Fairy #e397d1 — 314H 33S 89B Fairy has this sort of pixie pink color, which… y’know… is a cute color of little pixie fairies.
:SXF Fighting #cb5f48 — 011H 65S 80B Fighting is represented by this more sanguine red, almost as if representing the boiling-red blood of physical battle!
:SXR Fire #ea7a3c — 021H 74S 92B Fire is mostly red, but it also reflects the oranges and yellows that are also part of a roaring flame.
:SXV Flying #7da6de — 215H 44S 87B Flying takes on the light blue hues of the sky, as well as the slight coldness that comes with flying that high…
:SXH Ghost #846ab6 — 261H 42S 71B The color of the Ghost-type is a bit more similar to Dragon-type’s color, albeit slightly more red. The dark purple color represents the supernatural spirits that glow ever-so-slightly against the dim light of the night.
:SXG Grass #71c558 — 106H 55S 77B Grass is green.
:SXA Ground #cc9f4f — 038H 61S 80B Relative to the similarly earthy Rock-type, Ground-type had more yellow and browns, representing sand and dirt.
:SXI Ice #70cbd4 — 185H 47S 83B Ice has the whites of fresh snow, with some of the blue peeking through due to centuries of ice being compressed.
:SXC Normal #aab09f — 081H 10S 69B You can’t get more vanilla than this boring grey color. Incidentally, it seems to be an inversion of Dark-type.
:SXO Poison #b468b7 — 298H 43S 72B You can almost imagine a vat of putrid boiling purple sludge at some processing plant somewhere, which seems to be a common color for “goop”.
:SXP Psychic #e5709b — 338H 51S 90B This particular shade of purple seems to be a combination of what you’d think “psychic energy” could look like, but it also has more reddish-pinks associated with the color of the brain itself.
:SXK Rock #b2a061 — 047H 46S 70B Rock, on the other hand, reflects more of the dull greys of stone and concrete.
:SXM Steel #89a1b0 — 203H 22S 69B Steel reflects the dull blues of metals in general, but also the blue that come from the oxide layer which forms after tempering metal.
:SXW Water #539ae2 — 210H 63S 89B Water has the darker blues that is most associated with it, especially as you dive further down into the depths of the ocean.

So there, now you know why each color is what it is. File it under all the other useless trivia in your brain, along with high school trigonometry and questions about why you were taught that instead of how to balance your finances once you became an adult.

Hey! So I’ve been working hard on trying to catch upon on work I’ve been needing to do for the site… such as writing the script for the long-mentioned-yet-still-not-released YouTube videos on the Galarian Language… but another thing I’ve been putting on the back burner needlessly was working on my Updated Neo Blanks. So far I’ve only completed blanks for Colorless and Grass-types… until now! Today I managed to crank out BOTH Water and Darkness blanks! Take a look!

Darkness Blanks
Water Blanks


Pretty nifty, huh? BTW, one design decision I made for the Darkness-type blanks was to remove the “crown” that existed on the Darkness (and Metal) type icons from the Neo-era designs. Why that crown was added like that in the first place is beyong me… but I guess it was to underline the newness of the types. But, eh… in that case I would have to include it for the Dragon and (would-be) Fairy-type blanks, and that’s just needless extra work. Plus there are players in the Masters Division who were born after the introduction of those types, so it’s hardly “new” anymore. So I just ditched them for these blanks. … The thing is, even though this is supposed to emulate the GS-Neo style blanks from 2000, I don’t want to emulate EVERYTHING about it… for me it’s about capturing the subjective look-and-feel of the original design more than trying to accurately replicate every single decision made about their designs. So no crown for you!

Anyways, the next set of blanks I’m aiming for next are the Dragon and Fairy blanks… though considering that the latter are no longer a thing in the Sword/Shield-era of the TCG, I’m going to turn them into a special type of Psychic-type blanks. That is to say, technically they’re still Psychic-type Pokémon in the TCG, but they will be depicted using Fairy-style blanks. It’ll make sense when you see them.

Now with four types of blanks completed… I think that’s a fair amount done already such that I could actually begin work on making fakes for the GS Space World 1997 set once and for all. In that case… I guess now I need to work out the actual design of the three sets I plan on making for the Space World Pokémon. Buh… maybe after I finish the YouTube videos. I’ve got enough on my plate as it is!

Anyways, that’s it for now. Huzzah! Good times.




You know those nights where you’re just so wired and sleepy that you can’t sleep? That’s me right now. So I thought I’d crank out the Psychic-Fairy blanks as well.


Darkness Blanks


See? This is what I was thinking… so you can definitely tell that these are supposed to be “Fairy-type” cards. However, they are definitely supposed to be Psychic-type cards, given the Psychic-type symbol in the upper corner. And then as I actually make cards with this blank, they’ll definitely use Psychic-type energy to attack with. So the idea here is that the Fairy-type is just a superficial look, a style. Hopefully this comes across here.

Anyways, I’m starting to actually get sleepy. So time to go to bed… only to wake up in another 2 hours. Yay me!

Hey y’all, Nick here!

I hope y’all had a Merry Christmas! I definitely did. So much so that I forgot to do my yearly Christmas “Oak is a lying bastard!” Wonder Trade—where I load up a bunch of Fearows and Tentacruels with Master Balls—but then again there’s no PokéGen for Sword/Shield…. yet….

Anyways, since I wasn’t handing out free Master Balled Fearows, I spent my time working on the new Neo Blanks for the GS Beta Space World set. It’s far from completion, but I do want to share what I’ve done so far.


First off, here’s the “Neo A” picture border and Pokémon stage bar.

The darkened bits of the border is actually the bleed. The image will actually cover it, but in case the picture is slightly shorter or narrower, the border won’t look cropped or missing anything.

Now as a reminder…

I call it “Neo A” because, for some reason, WotC changed the card layout used between Neo Genesis and Neo Revelations, making Neo Destiny’s card design look slightly different. It’s different enough that I consider its design “Neo B”.

Meanwhile, I’ll call the Japanese Neo style “Neo J”.

The overall goal is to make a somewhat unique Neo blank which combines the look of all three styles. Or maybe not. I’m definitely going to use the “Neo A” style as a base, which is why I did its border first. We’ll see how much of the rest I’ll incorporate…



And finally, here is a couple examples of the kind of blanking I’ve been experimenting with. Seeing as I’m going to be including :TN Dragon- and :TY Fairy-types in the set, I’ll need to get some backgrounds for them. And here are some test examples of them.

The problem I’m having with them is that… the background behind the flavor text is somewhat dull. Or at least, that’s what I’ve been able to generate. I mean, like, I can’t quite tell if the actual background was intentionally dull in the part that would be behind the flavor text, or id my efforts to blank it put made it look dull.

Even more concerning is like… normally it wouldn’t bother me, because normally that section would be covered up in an actual fake card anyways, so it wouldn’t be noticed. However, it’s going to be used in a completely different blank, so that section will be more visible than it normally would.

Meh, I’m probably making this sound like more of an issue than it really is. It’ll probably be fine in the grand scheme of things. …. …or at the very least, no one will notice. 😛



UPDATE: OK, I worked out a quick-and-efficient system which allows me to blank out text at a much higher quality than I had previously had been able to create. This was what I was able to create in far less time than it took to make the previous examples. Yay!

It may not look like much, but these are definitely higher quality AND more authentic than the previous versions.

And that’s that! The rest should come just as easily.

Sorry for not updating over the last couple days, but I’ve been busy with all sorts of things. Like, I was meaning to post this two days back, but I’m only now just getting to it. But it’ll be worth the wait!

Anyways, there are three things I’d like to cover in this post:

This update has something for everyone! Artists, gamers or fakers; I’m sure something in this post will tickle your pickle! … And by “pickle” I mean your brain, because I’m sure it’s quite pickled after some 10 years worth of sloshing it around in alcohol. (BTW, wanna do Jager shots later? 😕 😀 )

Actually, scratch that, I gotta work tomorrow morning.