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A cute little graphic I made up after seeing many others that are like this. It appears to be a new meme in the making, and so I’m totally gonna jump on THIS bandwagon…

Pokémon Player - How society sees me - How my friends see me - How my parents see me - How young kids see me - How I see myself - What I wish I did - How I really am

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BW Next Destinies

This is the print run info for the Pokémon TCG set BW Next Destinies. (more…)

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This post will cover the raw data I’ve acquired for the Next Destinies Print Run. It ain’t finished yet, though… so you guys are more than welcome to help add to it! :D

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This post will have all the raw data I pulled for the Noble Victories print run; I suppose there is always something useful that I missed that you can find!

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BW Noble Victories

This is the print run info for the Pokémon TCG set BW Noble Victories. (more…)

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