AdventureBattleMon (webcomic)
By nick15 [November 29, 2019 - 06:35]
[Last Updated: November 30, 2019 - 06:30]  

Come join the adventure in the world of BattleMon!

I've always enjoyed telling stories, and so from 2004-2009 I worked on a webcomic series called Moose River. Fast forward to 2019 and I want to be able to write more Moose River stories, but I also want to work on PA! again. So what's the solution? Simple! Let's just merge Moose River with... uh... that old Pokemn USA fanfic idea from back in the day and turn it into...


To be specific, it'll be a sort of Pokemon-parody/homage, something akin to what Galaxy Quest was for Star Trek, or The Last Jedi was for Star Wars. Therefore a lot of the ideas and conventions will be similar, but it'll also be unique and run off its own rules form time to time.

I'm still working on the general details, but I can share this much:

  • It will star the cast of characters from my Moose River comic, who by now will be 30-somethings.
  • While Moose River was a fairly serious and mature Rated-R-esque story, AdventureBattleMon will be more PG-13. It will still deal with serious themes, but more like themes of dealing with adulthood, nostalgia, etc. I definitely want it to resonate with the kind of people who used to visit PA! back in the day, who are now in their late-20's or early-30's.
  • Even though it'll utilize my Moose River cast, it'll be sort of an "alternate dimension" story. The lives of one of them is simply a bad dream in the other.
    • This idea is actually inspired by something someone said to me once, about how they thought that every idea and story that ever popped into their head wasn't something they imagined, but was something that happened in an alternate dimension somewhere that their mind managed to tap into it. Accepting the infinite nature of the universe, I can't say I disagree with that idea.
  • The actual world and society of AdventureBattleMon will mirror that of the world and society of Pokemon... namely how they live in a world populated with these quite little monster-creatures and how their social system is built around competition with them. I may even add my two cents about how official Pokemon/BattleMon competition works.

That's all I have worked out right now, but this is only the start. Keep an eye out for more info soon!

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