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Happy Thanksgiving! and a bit of updates

By nick15 [November 29, 2019 - 06:24]
[Last Updated: November 29, 2019 - 06:27]  

Hey everyone! I hope you guys enjoyed Thanksgiving day. I got to enjoy a nice turkey dinner with my family. Nothing like the classics.

Any-hoo, I've been having a lot of heart-to-heart talks and been doing some soul searching, and I've been rethinking about how I want to invest my creative energies. I've got a lot to share with everyone, namely:

  • I've been cracking away on the G/S Beta "Space World" Fake Card set, and I've got a lot of ideas already set for it!
  • In fact, I'm probably going to do MORE than just make fake cards again, I might actually start allowing them to be bought by fans!
  • I've also been inspired to work on other art projects for the site, particularly a webcomic series.
  • But this also means that, if I'm going to be spending more time on this site again... I might have to do the Social Media thing!
  • And PA! might see the return of a familiar face to help out once again! (I wonder who??)

That just about covers the basics... so if you want to read more about what's been going on, check it out under the cut.

Fair warning, there's a lot of text! Estimated read time: ~20 mins.

Galarian Word List Update

By nick15 [November 25, 2019 - 00:03]
[Last Updated: November 25, 2019 - 00:08]  

Just a small little notice that I've updated the Galarian Word List with a whole bunch of different text I've picked up from here and there.

That said, I've worked out a little more about the Galar alphabet. Long story short, it's definitely looking like the Galar language is "consistent gibberish". Here's the deets:

  • On the train station's platform sign, the words :G^ :GO :GH and :G^ :GO :GH :GZ appear; since the first word appears after "1" and the second appears after "2/4/5", it's clear that those words are "car" and "cars", respectively. As in, the train heading to [somewhere town] on Platform 1/2 will have 1 car or 2 cars.
  • The names used on the uniforms for the Gym Leaders Nessa and Kabu ... well, it might just be their names like with Milo/Yarrow, or it might be relating to their Numbers (which are used as "goroawase" or number wordplay in Japanese). Namely, since :GJ :GV :GJ :GC fits neither "Nessa" or "Rurina/ルリナ", I THINK it might therefore be related to Nessa's League Number, 049, which is a goroawase 泳ぐ oyogu, meaning "to swim". Since sometimes the final U in Japanese words is silent-ish (kinda), Nessa's Galar name might therefore be "OYOG". Not only does it seem to fit the pattern, but the final Galar character :GC might in turn reference the ぐ gu character.
  • Kabu's name :GR :GV :GD :G3 , on the other hand, probably is just meant to be "KABU". My only guess towards that is that :GV is used as an "A" in Galarian "Game Freak".
  • A poster in Hop's room shows a bunch of PokéBalls on it, or as they're known in Japan, Monster Balls, which in turn was written as :GM :GW :GT :G3 :GL :G8 :G4 :G_ :GB :GZ :G9 :G9
  • Wedgehurst, in Japanese, is "Brassie Town", which probably explains the double :GD in its Galar name: :GM :G8 :GE :GD :GD :GK ... That said, it's probably supposed to be "BRASSY".

So as I mentioned, these all seem to add more evidence to the "consistent gibberish" hypothesis, as these new words continue to support the idea that they make SOME kind of sense within themselves, such that they aren't purely random characters... but that sense only applies to themselves and not to the entire Galar language as a whole.

OK, that's all I have to share for now. Keep an eye out for more info! And if you have anything to share, please do! Let's build a list of Galar words together!

Be my Switch Friend!

By nick15 [November 23, 2019 - 07:03]
[Last Updated: November 23, 2019 - 07:03]  

Hey you! Wanna be my friend on Nintendo Switch? Of course you do. In that case, please add me as a friend on your system. Then we can play all kinds of games! Like Pokémon! And... uh... Pokémon!

Here's the Friend Code itself in nice, friendly numbers, in case you want it in a nice, friendly size.

Won't you be my neighbor??

Galarian Emoticons

By nick15 [November 22, 2019 - 05:48]
[Last Updated: November 22, 2019 - 19:12]  

OK, in case anyone wants to join in on the discussion and want to write out Galarian text, I've added Galarian "emoticons" to the site. I've attached one Galarian character to every character between A-Z, 0-9, and the symbols ! + ^. In order to use them, simply type ":G" and then a single letter, number, or one of the three symbols. And also make sure you separate each one with a space instead of just clumping them all together. The letters themselves are:

:G! :G+ :G^ :G0 :G1 :G2 :G3 :G4 :G5 :G6 :G7 :G8 :G9
! + ^ 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

I tried to keep similar Galarian characters linked with one another, like how 9 is linked to :G9 and so it made sense to link :G6 to 6, seeing as they're similar to one another in the same way 9 and 6 look like one another. There's a few in there like this, but I'll admit it's not AS consistent as I'd like it to be. Anyways, hopefully it makes writing in them easier... it will definitely help me organize any text examples I run into.

Now if typing "colon-G" over and over again is too time consuming, I'm open to any suggestions for alternative, shorter emoticon text.

Finally, there appears to be a 200 Emoticon hard limit... but I'll see about changing that.

Quick Galarian post

By nick15 [November 21, 2019 - 17:19]
[Last Updated: November 21, 2019 - 18:13]  

Frankly this is more of a note to self than anything, but as soon as I get a chance, I'm going figure out a way to create some "Galarian emoticons" for conversation and discussion... like, if I type something like :G::U::R: it will replace it with emoticons/emoji, but ones which are Galarian characters. This way I can not only type Galarian fairly easy, but so can you guys in the comments. I'll get to this some more as soon as I can.

EDIT: OK, looks like I can add my own emoticons via editing some code:

So cool, at least now we can start using the characters themselves when discussing it instead of substituting existing characters. The next job is figuring out what English character goes to whuch Galarian character...

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