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Fake Edition Analysis – 20 Years of Power Creep (part 1)

  By nick15 [January 13, 2019 - 22:54]
[Last Updated: January 14, 2019 - 11:09]  

Fake Edition Packs

Happy New Year Everyone!

As part of the SUPER AWESOME TWENTY YEAR POKÉMON AAAH! ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATIONS happening this year as part of Pokémon Aaah!’s 20th Anniversary celebrations which I’m celebrating this year, I’d thought I’d go back to the very beginning and take a look at my very first fake card set, the aptly name Fake Edition. Now if you don’t remember, Fake Edition is quite literally the very first Pokémon TCG fake card set, EVER. I made 200 cards over the course of a year (June 1999 to June 2000), and it ran the gamut between plain ol’ cards to tournament-worthy Trainer cards, to cards based on the Pokémon anime/cartoon series. To be honest I sorta made it up as I went along, but frankly that’s not much different than what Media Factory did with the sets back in the day.

That said, a lot of these cards were made for the game as it existed in 1999-2000. Nearly 20 years later and not only is the game still going strong, but there has also been a bit of a power creep… probably to render the cards which ruled the roost back in the day useless (lol imagine trying to run a classic Haymaker against some modern deck!). Now I actually still sorta pay attention to the game… kinda… it’s on-and-off… but I at least buy new packs now and again and play the Pokémon TCG Online game every now and again. So I’m at least fairly familiar with the current power level of modern cards.

So with that knowledge, I’m gonna go back and take a look at my old cards from Fake Edition, see if they’re still viable today, maybe give them a little update to keep them playable for today’s formats (albeit on text, I don’t have the time to remake them), and maybe even share some of my thoughts and memories about the cards. I’ll try to make this a fairly regular update deal, as well as cover the cards in the same chunks I originally post them in, and at least make a page in the sidebar (under Pages & Junk section) in case you missed some older ones. Sound good? Anyways, let’s get crackin’!

PS: Wow! I sure am posting a lot this year! At this rate I should end up writing, what, 100 posts this year?


The 6th Annual Pokémon Aaah! News Post

  By nick15 [November 10, 2018 - 23:14]
[Last Updated: December 13, 2018 - 20:15]  

Ahahahaha, yeah… I guess my posts on PA! are done basically yearly. Whoops! … Anyways, I’ve got a few things I’d like to share with all y’all.

The 20th Anniversary of Pokémon Aaah! – April 10th, 2019

2019 is an amazing anniversary for two important moments in Human history. First off, on March 1, 1919, Koreans committed themselves to the first public act of defiance against Japanese occupation in the first major protest, which included the reading of the Korean Declaration of Independence. Called the “March 1st Movement”, it will celebrate its 100th Anniversary next year.

But what is arguably the more important anniversary for 2019 is the TWENTIETH Anniversary of Pokémon Aaah!! That’s right, nearly two decade ago, on April 10th, 1999, I started the Pokémon website that would forever change the face of the Pokémon fandom FOREVER. … Or at least the Pokémon website that would change the face of fan created Pokémon TCG cards FORthe subsequent FOUR EVER years. Still, it was a momentous website, full of fun, drama, fans who were upset so I showed them the door because I thought that fan opinions weren’t valuable, and me trying to fix my mistake by making the forums more democratic… only to then turn into a benevolent dictatorship. Yay PA!

AAAANNNNNYWAYS…. I created an event on the PA! Facebook account. However, I still haven’t figured out what exactly I plan doing that day. Maybe we can do a YouTube livestream where you guys can ask me questions and I answer them, or maybe we can marathon a few Pokémon movies, or we can look over some old photos, or I can share some of my old Pokémon TCG cards, maybe set up a Pokémon Gen 6 and/or Gen 7 Wonder Trade… or maybe all of those at once! I’ll figure something out… but whatever I end up figuring out, it’ll be happening on and/or around April 10th, 2019.

Be there or be square!

SAUCE: Facebook


GS Beta Fakes

What’s this?? A new fake card?! By ME?!?!???

That’s right, Ladies and Germs!

The recent reveal of the “Space World ’97″ Pokémon GS Beta and all the Beta Pokémon in it has made my hype levels shoot through the roof. Like, I remember learning about them back in the day, so it’s nothing less than a straight-up dream come true to finally put actual faces to the names and confirm certain other facts (such as “Yoroidori” being a beta name for Skarmory). My initial concern was that this was just an elaborate hoax, but its effectively confirmed as the read deal.

Well, it went without saying that I MUST make fake cards for them, as I probably would have made fakes for them back in the day as well. So I ended up dusting off some of my old Neo blanks (perfect for the Gold-Silver era), even making up some new ones—Fairy, Dragon, Supporter, and Stadiums—and made this fake for one of the “new” beta GS Pokémon. I’ve also decided to name the set of GS Beta fake cards “Neo Apocrypha”, based on the Biblical-esque names of the Neo Sets (at least Genesis and Revelations), combined with the fact that some alleged gospels and other books were less “official” than the main ones in the Bible, and thus were considered as “apocryphal”.

Anyways,  fake card is of one of the removed Pokémon, originally named “Norowara” in Japanese. That name could be translated in Englisg as “Kurstraw” (curse + straw) or “Voodle” (voodoo + needle). And although Norowara is only a Ghost-type Pokémon, I’m using the Fairy blank because I feel like it would have gained the Fairy-type in in Gen 6 had it survived.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy it, and I’ll be sure to share any other fakes I make here on the site and on the PA! Facebook as well.

SAUCE: Facebook


Subscribe, Friend, Add… whatever it may be… but do it to me!

And finally… I’ve already posted a link to the PA! Facebook account, but here’s one to the PA! YouTube. Why not subscribe to it? Actually, yeah, please subscribe to it! Because how else will you join in on the PA! Twentieth Anniversary livestream??

And finnnnnaaally… do you play Pokémon GO? Of course you do. We all do. In that case, if you could add me to your friendlist, I would be ever so grateful!

But thats basically it for the time being! Thank you for time and support, and I guess ill see you next year at the 7th Anniversary News Post! …though hopefully we can all meet up doe the PA!20 celebration! Huzzah, good times.

“Latest” Update

  By nick15 [November 18, 2016 - 20:31]
[Last Updated: December 13, 2018 - 20:02]  

Thought I’d share some thoughts on what I wanna do with this site.

1) I still want to make fake cards.

But there’s just SO MANY blank designs out there! Frankly, I’m not gonna bother doing EVERYTHING EVER MADE, because that’s pointless. I’m even less inclined to make BWXY blanks, simply because they’re going to be on their way out soon. But, I have found a method where I can make them fairly simply (albeit at a lower quality that I’m used to making), so that might be making BWXY blanks still worth making. The real bitch is going to make EX blanks, because those require a level of detail and effort which I’m on the fence about doing.

Not to mention that there are just SO MANY other blanks out there, including the New-Retro blanks seen in XY:Evolutions, and the upcoming Sun-Moon design for the new sets coming out. But, again, those might be easy to make in the same vein as the BWXY blanks, so maybe I can make all three blanks.

In that case, my priorities will be:

  • Sun-Moon Blanks
  • New-Retro Blanks
  • BWXY Blanks

Speaking of Evolutions…

2) I want to make my own sets similar to XY: Evolutions

I’ve always wanted to make my own set similar to Evolutions, which takes Base Set, Jungle, Fossil, etc and inserts 20 years of power creep and other changes (Fairy & Dragon types, etc). In fact, I have an Excel spreadsheet with my first attempt to do so…. which I’ll post as soon as I find it. Evolutions, however, beat me to the punch. But by the looks of it, it seems like the only set they’re doing is Base Set. Therefore, I’m in a good market to provide a service which Nintendo themselves won’t be filling: making my own Evolutions-style fake set, and using their new New-Retro blanks to do it with. Sound cool, huh?

3) I want to make Pokemon videos for YouTube… and soak up some revenue for it!

I dunno what kinds of videos I would make… maybe you can watch me make a fake card? Or my blanking process? Or maybe I have some other videos I could make, like one about my Primitto theory, or one about how many ACTUAL days have passed in the Pokemon world? Or something else super autistic but will be worth watching. Maybe I could share some old memories about Pokemon from 15 years ago? I dunno, I’ll figure something out.

4) Pokemon VR??

Actually, VR is my current career choice; I’m currently working for a VR company called MindVR, and I’ve helped invent a cinematic VR camera rig which I feel is the best in the entire industry. I did do a VR recording of the most recent Worlds event in San Francisco which I still need to stitch and edit together for everyone. When that’s done, I’ll post the results here.

But that said, I wonder what other VR things I could do? Short films? Conversations with Pokemon? I have a friend in the VR industry which also does wonderful compositing work you should check out the VR composition work he did for Halloween) and we were working on a video about Pokemon Go which I admit I’m way behind on… anyways, we could work on something together where we insert Pokemon into our world and you can just enjoy seeing them running around in the forest, etc, kinda like the beginning of Pokemon movies… but just in VR. If there’s a market for that, then maybe we could make a bunch of those as well.


A few years back, old PA! Staff member “Dark PikaMew” (remember him??) got in contact with me saying he managed to reacquire from the squatters who originally took it (and thus forcing me to this current .net domain). With a bit of negotiation DPM transferred the URL back to me, and I finally became the owner of PA!.com again! YAY!

Now right now PA!.com is attached to an old version of PA!, version 4.6 from… what… March 2001? (Crap, 15 years now) But I’m wondering if I should attach it back to THIS site instead. I might as well… but maybe only after I “officially” return to PA! to make regular updates. Because as it stands right now, PA! is still “alive”, but I rarely touch it, safe for my yearly updates. It won’t be truly thriving until those updates happen on a monthly basis at least. But we’ll see about that.

Anyways, those are my plans for this site, but I’m sooo busy with other work that I can guarantee that I’ll start work on this any time soon. BAAAAASICALLY the goal is to eventually modernize PA! to do with it that I never could do before, simply because they didn’t exist in 2004: Facebook communities, YouTube videos, Patreon donations, etc. The internet has changed a lot since I stopped working on this site full time, and I have a lot of catching up to do.

If there’s enough interest, that may change my mind. :) But for now… cya!

BWXY Blanks

  By nick15 [October 20, 2015 - 04:47]
[Last Updated: October 20, 2015 - 04:55]  

I miss making fake cards, and I miss being known for having the most high quality fake card blanks ever made. Now, everything is so out of date that other people have started making blanks instead… but, I think I can do a better job of it. So maybe I should start making them again?


Fortunately making them is a lot easier than it was 16 years ago; it helps that I have a decent resource for scans, and my Photoshop skills are exponentially better than they were in 1999. So… lemme think about it.

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